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Valley View 1 d Para Hills West 0

This was another exciting game between two evenly matched sides.  Although the Para Hills West boys were mostly much bigger than our boys, our boys matched them with speed and toughness and the whole match was an arm wrestle that could have gone either way.  However, the balance of the game clearly shifted our way after a Para Hills West player was sent off for swearing. Try as we could we could not penetrate the Para Hills West goal and a draw was looking likely when time seemed to be up.  Fortunately the referee's clock included some extra minutes and as luck would have it, the team then created their best chance of the game with lovely passing from the midfield through to Josh to Tom and then to Antonio who then found space to hit a powerful strike into the top right hand corner of the goal.  The goal was worthy of any seen in the World Cup and was just as exciting as there was literally only seconds left. All 3 points were ours and this result should set the boys up well for the second half of the season.


Goalscorer: Antonio.